5 Tips to Speed Up Your iPad

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After using my Apple iPad for months, I find that it isn’t performing as fast as when I first bought it. So, I went through some steps and was hoping to speed up my iPad. Guess what? My iPad is now running like it’s new! Here in this post, I will show you what I did to improve the performance.

1. Update your iPad’s firmware

Keep your iPad’s firmware up to date. Updating your iPad’s firmware helps ensure that your applications run at optimal performance. In every firmware version, there’re bug fixes, features and many more that could help resolving issues that slow down your iPad.

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2. Remove unwanted apps

Removing unwanted apps can help saving your iPad’s space and on top of that, it may improve your iPad’s reading speed. Slide through your iPad and delete apps that you no longer need.

ipad delete app

3. Close unused processes or apps

At times some apps would remain active on your iPad even after you’ve close it with your Home button. Any app that remains active can be a burden to your iPad. Safari is one of the apps which would run behind your iPad even after you’ve closed it.

close app kill processes ipad iphone

I kill these processes via a tool called SBSettings from Cydia which is only available for jailbroken iPad. For non-jailbroken iPad users, you can force close an app by holding down the Home button (while the app is open) for several seconds until you’re directed back to your apps selection screen.

4. Clear Browser Cache

In fact, saving browsing caches allows faster browsing experience, but as times goes on, it may become overload and cluttered. We recommend you to clear your iPad’s browser cache once per week to keep your browser clean and smooth. To do so, open Settings, select Safari from the left pane and then tap on Clear Cache. It is advisable to also clear the browsing History and Cookies oo your iPad.

clear cache ipad

5. Use BackOff to speed up your Syns

BackOff is a free PC and Mac utility enabling you to speed up iPhone or iPod Touch sync by turning off the automatic backup in iTunes. Storage of large amounts of data can seriously lenghten iTunes sync. Disable iTunes Auto-Backup feature with BackOff and speed up your syncs!

Note: Never ever try to defragment your iPad

The iPad uses flash memory rather than a spinning hard drive to store data. Defragmentation is designed for HDD (hard drive disks), and will damage flash based memory.

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